What do Everton, Bolton Wanderers & Manchester City have in common with St Andrew’s Deal? All three premier league clubs can trace their origins back to local churches that started football clubs to improve community spirit. Since 2014, St Andrew’s Church in Deal has been reaching out to local young people through its club ‘Real Deal FC’.

Real Deal Football Club

The group, overseen by Simon Earl, attracts over 25 young people & their families. Thanks to funding from community grants and particular support from local Councillors, Mike Eddy & Eileen Rowbotham, who made an allocation from the combined Members Grant Scheme & EKCCO Micro-Grants Fund, the Club no longer has to use a goal held together by tape!

Simon commented, “We are looking to develop the social side of what we do shaped by the young people in the group as they are best placed to know what will work. We also find that parents are supportive and the group is growing organically”.

The football is currently held at Deal Parochial School and runs from 9.30-10.45 on Sundays.

To find out more about Real Deal Football Club, checkout their Facebook page or email Simon Earl at REALDEALFC2011@gmail.com

Article in Outlook magazine, Diocese of Canterbury, May 2015

Also see them on Facebook:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/realdealfc (closed facebook group)