After a long spell of ill health, Father Stephen retired so the Parish is currently in an interregnum.

What is an interregnum and what does it mean for the parish?

An interregnum, comes from the latin for between two rulers but in modern day terms, means that we have a vacancy for a priest.

How does this affect the running of the parish?

The Area Dean together with Church Wardens are responsible for ensuring the transition between one priest and the next runs as smoothly as possible and this is achieved by calling upon retired clergy locally to cover services.

We are very fortunate at St Andrew’s to have a loyal group of priests to cover the services who are Fr Roger Marsh, Fr Martin Clark, Fr Anthony Fletcher, Fr Christopher Dent and Canon Robert Lunnon. There are also numerous lay people who help out on a daily basis. We would like to thank them for their support as without them our job would be almost impossible.

The Church Wardens


Parish Priest: Vacancy

Fr Roger
Fr Roger Marsh, Asst during interregnum
Ann Carey,
Church Warden
Chris Hobbs-East,
Church Warden

Director of Music:

Tim Woodhead

Lantern Editors: Lionel Ball / Pat Wilson

Lantern Advertising: Grace Reeves

PCC Officers:

PCC Secretary: Carole Gabriel
PCC Treasurer: Geoff Hobbs-East

Safeguarding Co0ordinator: Mrs Ali Robertson – Tel: 01304 381131

Electoral Roll Officer: Christopher Gabriel

Junior Choir: Jo Woodhead