We extend a warm and sincere welcome to everyone to join us in worship this coming Sunday morning March 14th at 10:00AM. How good it will be to be back in Church and gathered around the table of the Lord again in person.

It is a special joy for me as your new parish priest to be able to preside and preach at St Andrew’s and begin the process of getting to know you all. We all yearn for the day when “normal” church life can return and we can get on with the task of proclaiming Jesus Christ to our community in the unique way we offer here at St Andrew’s through inspiring worship, quality pastoral care and sincere and authentic engagement with the wider parish.

We are hoping to offer as full a Holy Week and Easter programme as possible even working within the government guidelines. It is our desire to be safe, compliant, and yet bold in our plans to make Holy Week and Easter 2021 both special and spiritually significant.

On this Mothering Sunday we hear the words of Jesus from the cross in John 19 and we see Jesus’ compassion and his concern for his mother. Entrusting Mary and the beloved disciple to one another as mother and son, Jesus teaches us that the community of his disciples needs to have that same spirit of mutual care and concern. He is inviting us to acknowledge a responsibility for one another, whether or not we have ties of biological kinship. What (perhaps small) step can our church take this Lent to be a community which nurtures those who lack security and love – whatever their age and background?

In the tenth century, a holy Fool for Christ, a man by the name of Andrew, had a vision of the Holy Virgin as the God bearer praying for the world while spreading her veil over the church, he was in. We are told that his disciples also saw the vision. This vision became one of the most beloved representations of Mary in the Eastern Church. Mary, the Mother of God, Mary, the spiritual mother of all Christians, looks after and protects all her children. As Christians today we believe that her presence remains with us, and her veil, far from being used to hide her face from us, covers the faithful people of God and brings them together with her to Jesus Christ Our Lord.

Mothering Sunday